Erin Milling Design

Who is Erin? +++++++++

Hey there, I’m Erin! Graphic designer & photographer. I have a love for all animals, making amateur music & creating in all mediums.

You’ll most likely find me taking pictures of bugs, sitting on the floor petting your cat, eating mountains of guac or standing on one leg (some call it tree pose,
I call it flamingo-ing).

I am always up for a challenge & I am constantly looking for ways to expand my creative knowledge.

“Practice safe design: Use a concept.”
–Petrula Vrontikis

Erin Milling

Graphic Designer

Age: 24

Location: Ottawa, ON

Creds: Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design (Algonquin College)

Specialities: Branding & Photography

Fav Fonts: Cutive-Mono, Domaine Display & Harriet